Who We Are

We are a women’s beer club in the heart of Central Oregon! In 2012, our founder, Gina Schauland, noticed that there wasn’t a lot of women at craft beer events, but the women who were at the events we very passionate and excited about craft beer and how it tied into our community. With the growth of the beer industry in our area, it was the perfect time to start this wonderful group. Through word of mouth, Gina asked around to see if these women would be interested in an all-women’s beer club that focused on beer education, socials, networking, and community involvement, and the answer every time was…. YES!!

So, the group was formed, and we are still going strong with over 850 unique members over these past 5 years, with about 350 members each calendar year.

We’ve got an amazing committee of 13 members who volunteer their time to make sure this club is successful each and every year, and help to plan educational and fun, beer-centic events.

We’d love for you to JOIN US!