Central Oregon Beer Angels


The Central Oregon Beer Angels are a group of women who love all things beer. Join us at our monthly meetings and social events for beer education, appreciation, celebration & great conversation. We welcome all women ages 21 and over!

Check out our photo gallery of past events and testimonials below from some of our members. Cheers!

I joined the Central Oregon Beer Angels because I love craft beer and wanted the opportunity to expand my knowledge and increase my exposure to different styles. What I love the most about this group is I not only get to beer geek out like I’d hoped but that I have met and made lifelong friends in the process. These are some of the most intelligent, fun-loving people I know and I plan on being a member for many years to come.”  – Tracy M.

I’d been an IPA gal but my drinking buddy liked dark beer. I’ve also tried many kinds of beers and have been open to experimenting. I’ve also discovered that my beer tastes vary according to mood, season, company, etc., etc.  I’m not one to say, Oh, I don’t like >>>> because I’m willing to try almost anything–at least once!  And I’ve learned that I really do like dark beers!! I joined the Beer Angels because I wanted to learn more about beer. What I like most is the camaraderie, meeting new friends, learning more about beer and being part of some great community philanthropy.” – Faith G.

Hike the Butte with a Brewer is a favorite event of mine. The sunset and camaraderie are always beautiful. My favorite class was the Cicerone beer training class at Worthy Brewing and the group leaders never seem to run out of fun and interesting ideas for group, beer-related activities – from brewing beer at Bridge 99 Brewing to tasting the delicious contents of the barrels in the secret storehouse of Deschutes Brewery. I try to join in as many Beer Angel events as possible.” – Leslie V.